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BBA Programs – Quality Education at ISB&M

Management Programs, Why are they so important?

For centuries, it was thought that experience is the best teacher and when it came to business, this statement was very appropriate. However, things have changed with time and it was felt that instead of jumping into something without any prior knowledge and relying on the experience, it made sense to have some basic knowledge so that work would be less challenging and transition into professional life would be easier and simpler.

Education in Business Administration and business management comes under the category of Vocational education. One is trained to understand and learn the nuances of business giving them an opportunity to either work in the corporate sector of the global market or build their own enterprise facing the challenges of the market with vigor. Thus, management education plays an important role in launching of business and running it with clever marketing strategies and ethical business practices.

One of the excellent institute which provides BBA programs is International School of Business & Media (ISB&M) located in Pune. The institute was established in the year 2000. Founded by leading educator, Dr. Pramod Kumar, the institute offers courses in management education which grooms students to be the best management professionals who have very high thinking and decision making abilities, which are a must to work in the global industry. The emphasis on enhancement of leadership qualities gives an opportunity to students to improve their skills in leadership which is an added advantage for one to pursue a career in the global industry.

Along with the Under Graduate degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), ISB&M also offers Post Graduate Programs like:

Post Graduate Programme in Business Management (PGPBM) + MBA

Post Graduate Programme in Supply Chain and Operations Management (PGPSCOM) + MBA

The postgraduate programs of the institute are awarded the autonomous certification by ISB&M while the MBA degree is approved by the Joint committee of UGC - AICTE - DEC, New Delhi. The Post Graduate Programmes are conducted in two levels:

  1. General Management Level
  2. Specialized Management Level

The General Management Level for the PGPBM and PGPSCOM deals with the core subjects like Principles of Management, Organizational Behaviour, Managerial Accounting, Personality & Managerial Performance, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Managerial Economics, Managerial Accounting, Statistics & Research Methodology, Management of Information System, Business Communication, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Business Communication, Project Management, Logistics & Material Management, Information Technology, Operations Research, Business Environment, Mercantile Law, World Class Manufacturing, Channels & Distribution Management, Theory of Constraints, Warehousing & Material Handling and Enterprise Resource Planning which gives the overall knowledge about business administration.

Specialized Management Level of PGPBM gives an opportunity to specialize in any two areas out of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Information Technology and Retail. A student will be studying 17 elective courses along with a summer internship program and a dissertation.

The Specialized Management Level of the PGPSCOM program provides with an opportunity to do dual specialization in either Marketing, Information Technology or Retail and also covers 5 core courses, 12 electives a summer internship program and a dissertation.

These courses offered by the institute are designed to give students in-depth knowledge and skills of business administration and management, which helps them to work in the industry with confidence and fulfill their dreams of building a high flying career.

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