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Reduce College Tuition

College costs are rising. The projected average cost for college expenses for 2006 - 2007 including; tuition, fees, books, supplies, room and board, transportation and other costs range from $63,000 for a public state university to $150,000 for a private college. The projected average cost of college for a newborn range from $145,000 for a public state university to $337,000 for a private college assuming a 5% annual increase. The following are ways to help reduce tution costs:

AP courses ? Good scores (3 or higher) on AP exams allow you to obtain college credit for courses. Depending upon the amount of credit you are awarded, your student may be required to take fewer general education courses thus reducing your tuition and fees by thousands of dollars.

Community College - Most community colleges permit high school students to take college courses concurrently. If your student took a course that is college transferrable he or she may be able to earn college credit, thus reducing the number of undergraduate courses required and reducing your tuition bill by thousands of dollars. Community colleges are also great lower cost places to start studies and then finish at a 4 year university.

In State tuition ? In most states colleges require students to meet residency requirements for in-state tuition. It has become harder for out of state students to claim residency to get a discount on their education. Attending an in state college or university can dramatically reduce your tuition costs.

Clep Exams - Some colleges may let you take the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) to receive college credit. These general subject exams in English composition, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences and social sciences/history measure your student?s familiarity with material covered in courses taken during the first two years of college to meet the general education or liberal arts requirements. Passing these exams could save thousands of dollars in tuition.

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