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School Grants And Scholarships For Working Mothers

The innate ability in mothers to multi-task propels them to work at different jobs and still care for their kids and family. They have careers to take care of and still handle the responsibilities of children very well. However, in the long run, family is the most important for them and they do not at all take care of their needs. They might also have ambitions to continue with their education but all that is lost in the love for their family. Financial constrain is a major hindrance which does not allow them to go ahead in the path to seek knowledge. School grants for working mothers is an excellent opportunity for working mothers to continue their education from where they had abandoned.

There are certain outstanding organizations in this regard who have provided various school grants for this purpose. eLearners is one such organization which works for the benefit of women especially the working mothers. Their purpose is to provide the mothers with different opportunities so that their seek for education is rewarded and without any financial stress they can return to schools and colleges. This purpose has also been realized by other online colleges and universities and they have also extended their support and help for the same. DeVry University, Ashworth College, Ashworth University, Walden University, American Intercontinental University are prominent names of colleges and universities in this context. 'Project Working Mom: Putting Education to Work' is an earnest awareness campaign started out by eLearners, as a sincere plea to the working mothers out there to use the opportunities provided to gain education. eLearners has announced that for 2010, it intends to provide 285 scholarships to working mothers which equals to an amount of $5 million in scholarships.

President Obama's mission for providing education to mothers has also improved the federal grants and in all $30-$40 billion has been assigned for federal and state grants individually. The federal grants available to the mothers are the Pell grants, FSEOG, National SMART grant and the TEACH grants. The grants have been so improved nowadays that if the paperwork is evaluated and approved then the entire expenditure for the educational journey would be taken care of by the government. We also have the Obama's 'Moms Return to School' program which broadcasts its message right from the name. The campaign has been started as an earnest request straight from the President so as to bring the working mothers back to school. The aspect of online education is catching up fast with the working mothers who cannot dedicate time to attend school and colleges on-campus.

Additionally, President Obama has also asked schools, colleges and private sector organizations to start grants and scholarships from their side as well so as to help the working mothers in their quest for knowledge.

Education by no means is to be ignored. Education is a precious gift to mankind to move forward in the right direction to success. School grants for working mothers is a great method in simplifying the lives of the mothers and encouraging them to become successful in home life and in work life as well.

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