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Types Of Nursing Programs

Opting for a major in nursing can be very difficult especially when the economy is not doing well. However, the world is running short of nurses, which can be a good reason for you to choose nursing as a profession as it is a stable occupation with a considerable income. By choosing a major in nursing, you will need to prepare yourself for a non-stop learning environment.

There are a few nursing programs that you may choose from. Each will lead you to a different path of work. One of it is LPN, which is the acronym to licensed practical nurse. A diploma can be earned in LPN in about a year. During your course of study, you will have practical experiences in hospitals, and course works ranging from anatomy to nutrition. Once you have passed the exam, you are qualified to take care of the patients directly. You will also assist registered nurse as well as doctors.

ADN stands for associate?s degree in nursing. You will need to attend the college for two to three years to obtain this cert. Students are encouraged to select more courses other than nursing subject such as microbiology. You can take more specialized courses in nursing too. With an ADN from a college, you will be able to take care of patients in various settings.

There is a four year program called bachelors of Science degree in nursing. This program prepares nurses in every practice of health care settings. As a BSN student, you will learn more skills in critical thinking, communication as well as leadership. You will also be able to conduct your own research on illness by taking up more advanced courses.

Before you make any decision on which nursing program to take, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each program so that you will not regret on your decision.

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